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Orana Conventions is the most prestigious & comprehensive convention centre and an imperative symposium for art & culture in Gurugram. Orana Conventions in definition seeks and succeeds to be a connoisseur in creating triumphant events and unforgettable experiences, offering a distinguished & accessible business setting, replete with the finest amenities and an unparalleled level of personalised service with infrastructure mainstays for all.

The Biggest Convention Centre In Gurugram

Orana Conventions in all its luxurious, contemporary, state of the art facilities dedicates the processes of service and support throughout the perambulations of each event. Orana offers nearly 1,50,000 sqft of multi-functional space, with a combination of outdoor & indoor venues.


“No event shall weave in a space of any less attention or dedication to perfection.” Our motto to provide the very best ambience and to cater to your luxe outlook is reflected in our very own Ball room. A space of large capacity and neutral shades would match with your themes of aspirations and joys. A constant crew of help appointed in all specks of the room, we provide you with contemporary interiors and upholstery to upheave the game of the best part of the event.


A luxuriously ordained comfortable auditorium to badge success to all your events and outreach! Our 427 capacity theatre style seating space is wrapped in the most comfortable fabric and comfort posture for your most esteemed guests. We provide a constant support crew for your on spot requirements to keep the stubble of attentiveness and a perfect cast-ability of the event.


An assemblage of any sort is a presentation of kind. Our exhibit alley is the perfect patch up of extensive space and winsome simple state of the art décor, just perfect for your exhibits of a masterpiece. Rummaging through perfect alignments and exact spacing of presentables along with a definition of class and vitality is what we have in design for you and your precious.


Because we understand the variability of your conquests and the flickering desire of seeking everything that is best! We have come up with comfortable artistic modern designed spaces and furnishings to gauze success to all your important endeavors and instances. Derive pride form your board congregation and energize in the comfort we provide you for your vital vocation.


“No successful event is achieved without a hint of courage, boisterous appeal and good food.” We manage by this motto and believe in the supreme passion that food builds in and around important prime events. Our chefs and culinary experts are always in efficient charge of your palette, with definite luxury grade food and beverage catering. We help you carve out a multi cuisine menu and in laying the best for your guests.


There can only be as much of indoors on a beautiful day and in an unwinding night! We have just the quintessential arrangement you have been seeding about. With necessitating arrangements and customisations according to your taste and indulgence. Adornments of designer impeccability and alluring ambience, our outdoor setting is sure to mark an onset of aspirational success!

Events At Orana Convention

The Orana Conventions, is the new Hub for exciting starlit evenings & astounding events. Here, you shall meet awe-inspiring talents, experience amazing performances and be a part of city’s most exciting affair.

For Us, Your Words!

Kind testimonials that we’have received. 

Dipa Singh Paintal

Gurugram needed such an extravagant theatre festival very well organised kudos to the team Orana and wish you much success

Dipa Singh Paintal

Saif Uddin

Those who were involved in the conference administration were pleased that most delegates rated the arrangements as “excellent”, both prior to the conference and on the day itself. Particularly appreciated was the additional “social” information provided in advance of the conference which, it is believed, contributed to the friendly atmosphere of the event.

Saif Uddin

Faiz Khan

Whole experience and ambience inside was amazing. Travelled all the way from South Delhi to this place. I would have given 4 stars but distance from my place and traffic snatched that 1 elusive star. Although, the event was fabulous. Evening well spent. Cheers!

Faiz Khan

Himanshu Kharbanda

Superb ambience, supportive staff. Overall an awesome stay. Mine was only in transit but I wish to come again

Himanshu Kharbanda

Preeti Dubey

Went for a conference with my colleagues Beautiful place to visit. Good concept. One of the biggest conference halls that I visited.

Preeti Dubey

Sorabh Gupta

Finally social and cultural buzz in Gurgaon. Very large infrastructure, though not theatre style (no tripping on steps during emergency), convenient ingress, parking, exist. Large lobby, halls, kitchen and parking to ensured live indoor 2000+ people seating, unlimited on-grade parking, multiple cuisine F&B service on payment basis

Sorabh Gupta

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