Orana Pitampura

A key first step in planning your wedding is picking the ideal location. If you sit down with your significant other as soon as you become engaged and cross off each item on your checklist one at a time, it is a simple task.

Does the location have enough space for the visitors you want to invite? The location is chosen with this in mind to make it convenient for the guests.

Do you have decent connectivity at your location? Because people travel from different locations to be a part of your special day in one spot, location is crucial. Also, ample parking is required for the comfort of your visitors and family members.

Does the restaurant’s food appeal to your tastes? By enhancing taste senses and making your wedding memorable, food serves as a representation of your marriage. The type of catering service that the venue is willing to offer should be considered while choosing a location.

Does the location meet your preferred mood and ambiance in general? Each has a unique aura that they carry with them throughout their lives. Make sure the location you select has the style and ambiance you and your companion enjoy.

Put your guests on your priority list as well. In order for them to remember and treasure the memories of your special day, let them feel at ease at your wedding.

Do you like the setting you chose and the decor? The most crucial aspect of making your wedding lovely and big is the decor. To make it look like it belongs to you, use the colors, florals, and decorations that you appreciate.

Get all of these requirements fulfilled satisfactorily, and much more, all with Orana Platum, Pitampura.

Orana Platum, Pitampura is a collection of modern conveniences and amenities that embodies Indian tradition and warm hospitality. Orana Platum exhibits beauty and opulence as a luxury banqueting with first-rate services.

To make your festivities even more special, Orana will find you the ideal location for elegant marriage ceremonies and other events.

For us, the essence is royalty. Orana prepares your special day in the most favorable manner and excels at handling all types of wedding events and ceremonies that enthrall you and leave you with lifelong memories.

Book for any festivities, parties, or social gatherings that call for planning and space. In all regimes, Orana provides first-rate services.

Orana Banquet Pitampura

Modern infrastructure at Orana Platum is spread across 8000 square feet. The Orana Platum is a high-end banqueting facility in Delhi with impeccable finesse that is firmly entrenched in Indian culture, and placed in the center of North Delhi. Orana Platum offers in-house food as well as an F&B café for its visitors, demonstrating how tradition and complimentary sophistication may coexist harmoniously.

Since you deserve the finest on your lovely days, our devoted team pledges to you the best. Your experiences are often made unforgettable by our services.

Enjoy classic grandeur at your marriage and make reservations in accordance with your preferences, requirements, and tastes. Orana, a leading wedding and event curator, guarantees to provide the best services at all of our sites.

In addition to hosting marriages, baby showers, retirement parties, and anniversaries, the Grand Celebration Party Hub also accommodates birthday bashes. Orana, Pitampura permits both vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals, allowing you to indulge in a wide choice of foods while also treating your guests. Parking spaces are ideal because you may leave your cars there without worrying. A large space with seating organized so that there won’t be a hotchpotch of people standing and sitting. Orana is a must-invest-in once, with centralized ACs inside and décor never seen before.

Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Orana is unquestionably your preferred option due to its great location and lovely atmosphere.

Orana is here to create your moments to make them larger than life as you celebrate your marriage surrounded by lovely memories that touch your heart and soul. Come experience luxury at Orana Platum at NSP Pitampura!

Hence, celebrate your special day in Orana, Pitampura, with fervor and style. If you have any questions, we are available to clear them up for you. If you need a Pitampura banquet hall for your event, contact us via phone or email. We enjoy hearing from you and providing you with the finest offers.