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Welcome To Orana Platum, Pitampura

An ensemble of convenience and refreshed amenities, Orana Platum, Pitampura is the hallmark of Indian tradition and rich hospitality. Being a premium banqueting with top-notch services, Orana Platum proves to be a curation of splendour and opulence.

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Orana Platum, Pitampura – The New Destination for Luxury Banqueting!

Spread across 8000 square feet, state-of-the-art infrastructure in Orana Platum. Orana Platum is a premium banqueting in Delhi with world-class refinement deeply rooted in Indian heritage. Positioned within the heart of North Delhi. Orana Platum consists of in-house catering and F&B café for its guests proving to be a quintessential blend of tradition and complementary sophistication.

Orana Platum, Pitampura

Orana Conventions,Gurugram

Orana Conventions,Gurugram – The biggest convention cynosure and the most impressive symposium for art & culture in Gurugram.

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