Choosing a perfect venue for your wedding is a crucial step. It is an easy job if you sit with your partner right after you get engaged and go step by step clearing all the essential things in your checklist.

Here is a short guide for you to help you in choosing the perfect venue for your wedding to be grand. Ask yourself these questions and you will be able to answer yourself.

  1. Number of guests: What is the number of guests you wish to invite? Does the venue have the capacity to fit in the number of guests you wish to invite? Keeping it in mind the venue is selected so that the guests are accommodated conveniently.
  • Ideal location: Does your venue have a good connectivity? Are you willing to provide transportation to your guests? Location matters a lot because people come from various places to gather at a single location to celebrate your special day. Ample parking is also necessary for the convenience of your guests and relatives.
  • Catering: Is the food offered by the venue according to your tastes? Does the venue have restrictions on culinary sections? Food represents your wedding by bringing the taste buds to life and making it memorable. You should select your venue according to the type of catering service they are willing to provide.
  • Your general vibe: Does the venue fit into your general vibe and feel which you like? Everybody has a vibe of their own which they carry their life. Make sure the venue that you choose suits the look and feel which you and your partner love.
  • Consider your guests: Make your guests come into your priority list too. Let them have a comfortable experience at your wedding so that they remember your special day and cherish the memories as well.
  • Style and theme: Do you like the décor and style of the venue you chose? Decorations play the most important part of making your wedding beautiful and grand. Choose the type of colours, flowers and décor which you love to make it look like yours.
  • Your budget: Is this venue according to your budget? The amount of money you spend in your wedding matters the most because it is your hard money earned. Make sure the venue is under the budget of you and your partner.

Now that you have a basic idea depending on the research you have done and made a checklist, it’s time to have some site visits and share your experiences.

Hope this Information helped! Go do your research and start planning for your beautiful day for long-lasting memories. Orana Group offers multiple options of space, decors, tastes and themes for all kinds of events, celebrations, ceremonies, and gathering. Look out for more options at