Everyone deserves a grand, stress-free wedding. If you’ve found your loved one and are planning to make this grand event happen, you should surely know what and how this occasion can be planned without any hassle.

These are 6 things to expect from your wedding planner to have unforgettable memories of your wedding:

Expert advice:

Why to handle an occasion blindly which you’ve never done before? Wedding planners are experts in their field because they plan a lot of weddings on daily basis. It is their job to make a wedding the perfect day for you.

Planners can offer suggestions, insights, and advice based on their expertise. They make the best possible arrangement for your big day so that you have memories for a lifetime.


The most crucial thing about a wedding is the décor and ambiance of the venue. Your wedding coordinator and their responsible team will take care of all the essential decoration items and pieces like mandap, floral arrangements, lights, food art, ribbons, candles, guest book, and bridal necessities.

However, you should not expect them to decorate all the reception tables. Your coordinators will be busy handling all other responsibilities but they will give you an efficient service in arranging the decorations.

Emergency kit

This one is pretty simple. There are a million useful items you require during the preparation of your big day. Every member of your family including family, friends and relatives would be busy planning their stuff. Your wedding planner is a fully stocked emergency aid who is one call away to help you solve a variety of wedding problem.

Acting as a mediator

You can expect your wedding planner to be a mediator between you and your family members. In case you need to pass any urgent message while you are still getting ready for the big event, you can coordinate with your planner.

A wedding planner also helps coordination between the staff members, caterers, decorators, designers and also the priest. Planners strive hard to make your big day larger than life.

Timing and logistics

This section plays a crucial role in the happenings and timelines of the event. Imagine yourself in a wedding where the priest is late, or the florists could not find the location clearly, or your relatives are stuck with google maps searching for the venue.

Wedding planners take care that everybody reaches the venue on time and start their work on time. They also make sure that everyone is able to find the location. Arranging the commute of the bride and groom to beauty parlours or any other necessary place can also be handled by him/her.

Culinary regale

All the guests come to your wedding and expect a sumptuous and delightful meal. Food can either make or break your mood. Your wedding planner is responsible for all the culinary arrangements at your wedding. It should be according to your tastefulness and so amazing that everybody goes with a happy and satisfied tummy!

Making your day perfect

Your wedding is your big day! It is a day which means a lot to you and your partner. Your friends, family, relatives can definitely help you in making your experience great; however, if you want a hassle-free wedding, you should definitely go for booking a wedding planner.

They are committed to making your day perfect with their expertise, exemplary skills, and dedicated services!

Hope this Information helped! Go do your research and start planning for your beautiful day for long-lasting memories. Orana Group offers multiple options of space, decors, tastes and themes for all kinds of events, celebrations, ceremonies, and gathering. Look out for more options at https://oranagroup.in/

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